360° World of Experiences

Our professional consultancy and digital service provision enables us to design a virtual 360° World of Experience that acts as your internet shop window 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Highlight your achievements, qualities and ideas in a unique way in this virtual space. Invite customers to see your business premises, event locations, products and services as if they were on site.


We are passionate about developing innovative concepts that engage emotions to create vivid, memorable experiences. These can be targeted at specific  industries.


Virtual experiences for:

Hotels, museums, exhibitions

Interest new visitors by livening up your offering with interactive 360° content. Drive footfall by increasing awareness, highlighting your attractions and showcasing your diversity.


Encourage potential buyers to explore your range of vehicles and accessories with full 360° impact. Give them a unique behind-the-wheel view from their laptop, tablet or cell phone. They’ll appreciate your fresh take on mobility.

Events & Real estate

Any event or location can be made more memorable and desirable with a 360° tour. An original take on past events encourages new customers to participate in future and existing customers to come back again. Showcasing real estate online increases the conversion rate of in-person viewings.



Grant potential guests an insider’s 360° view of your hotel or restaurant to capture their imagination and win their trust. Start to build anticipation before they start their journey, and continue to build loyalty.


Engage new customers with a multimedia presentation of your organisation. Enhance recruitment by giving potential staff a 360° look inside your company with full transparency and authenticity.

Retail stores & service providers

The customer journey can start with the store, products, services and/or a range of offers being attractively conveyed through 360° representation on websites and/or social media. Targeted information serves to inspire new shoppers or build loyalty, ultimately increasing sales figures.

Boost your digital marketing with Sales Perfection 360° worlds of experience

Initial consultation and project outline

Agree storyboard

Scan all desired ‘rooms’

Realise world and implement online

Link to your store/company media as desired


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