Sales Deep Dive


Sales Deep Dive is about in-depth sales expertise that lies behind everything from an effective first approach to potential customers right through to the successful establishment and expansion of key accounts.

This type of support includes strategic account planning and customer relationship management, and can include a range of workshops.


Our combination of wide-ranging sales experience, entrepreneurial approach and disruptive thinking is a powerful one for driving B2B, B2C and B2B2C sales.

Mastering digital routes to market

When medium-sized companies exploit digital channels effectively, turnover, profit and customer loyalty all benefit; but getting there is not always easy.  

B2B and B2C sales and marketing are changing. Terms such as Sales 4.0, remote selling and sales automation are moving up the agenda for sales strategy meetings. Product marketing appears more complex than ever and, as the flow of consumer and shopper behaviour data increases, sales and marketing are starting to merge.                                           

If you’re responsible for digital sales, this workshop will help you to answer:

We will show you how to set up business models and offers in a new and different way, allowing you to start swimming the second you jump into the deep end.

Effective Virtual Selling


The aim of this workshop is to use your webcam to maximum effect when establishing or building long-term business relationships. You will gain an understanding of how to run a meeting that feels as if you are sitting together at the same table.

What you will learn:

We will reveal insights about the ways in which non-verbal communication can work differently for remote meetings, how understanding this can build trust faster, and how to sell professionally and confidently via the screen.

Create a human-to-human experience that just happens to be digital!


Secret Code for Sales Success

It’s a truism in sales: people buy from people. To succeed at sales, you need to understand other people and the way they think; to understand others, you first have to know yourself.         

  • What beliefs shape you and make you who you are?
  • Which of those beliefs can hinder your selling and which beliefs can enhance it?
  • Can body language really reveal everything about you, and about the other person?
  • What can you achieve with your new understanding, and how?      

You’ll also learn just how powerful the spoken word can be, and the importance of crafting a well-founded story. Knowing how to distinguish objections from excuses and then overcoming them is another core focus area that, along with understanding how to handle complaints professionally, will help you sell with confidence.                       

Sales Perfection shares valuable psychology-based insights that will help you to win new customers and grow your sales over the long term.

Selling Sustainably

Climate change is the zeitgeist; companies are increasingly monitoring the sustainability of their products and services – indeed, their entire company – and how these are marketed.


It is important to differentiate clearly between green marketing and ‘greenwashing’. The latter refers to products or services that are unwisely advertised as sustainable. Misleading claims can seriously damage the reputation and success of a brand or company and lose the trust of target consumers. When companies take responsibility for the environment and honestly pursue clear sustainability goals, that is green marketing.

Green marketing is an umbrella term spanning all advertising and information activities that emphasize sustainability: this includes sales. Companies that are successfully green in all areas should be aiming for continuous improvement and to be transparent in their efforts.

Companies that did not start out green can incur high costs to transform their product, brand or service: strategies should be implemented in a well thought-out way that is fully aligned with the market and target group.


Given these customer priorities, incorporating sustainability into your sales planning and activities will be a further success factor for long term growth. Sales Perfection will help you achieve greener as well as greater sales.


Act now and book success.