Sales as a Service: expertise on tap

As a sales consultancy we specialise in growing sales and winning new customers. Our expertise can be used to help with anything from setting up new processes to handling customer acquisition on your behalf. We’re perfectly placed to support, enhance or manage any aspect of the sales process.

Trade fair support and representation

We provide operational sales support for companies at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events – whether national or international, virtual or physical.

Perfect product presentation!

Achieve a higher impact product launch with professional sales support. Online or in person, we are skilled at building sales from scratch with a creative presentation style that focuses on added value for customers.

Exploiting Digital Opportunities

Digital sales are a key performance driver today, thanks to customer-focused and cross-channel services, automated processes and brand new sales channels. We show you how to digitise sales successfully and use this to further develop your business, so you don’t fall behind your competition or your customers.

Virtual Selling Confidence

A powerful combination of technology and personality can help you to sell ​​professionally online, even in front of large customer teams. Perfect virtual presentation of products and services.

Secret Code for Sales Success

It pays to know the unspoken rules of effective sales. Our program ‘The Secret Code for Sales Success’ shows how the right beliefs, body language, facial expressions and verbal techniques can revolutionise your selling performance.

Selling Sustainability

Sustainability and environmentally conscious action have become the cornerstones of many successful companies. Selling Sustainability will help you to achieve your own sustainability goals as well as those of your customers, and explains how CO2-neutral sales can work for you.

Pitch Perfect: securing investment

Convince business angels and venture capitalists effectively; watch your business take off.

Embrace big business

How big companies and multinational corporations tick, and how to win them over.


The recipe for success is simple, yet ingenious: link the real and digital worlds.

Retail as a Service is a model with significant advantages and cost savings for shoppers, brands and retailers. Shoppers still get the chance to walk around, browse and buy products in a retail space as usual. They can experience products with all their senses but make purchases digitally, for home delivery. Brand owners can expand their product portfolio without needing large quantities or storage space: products feature in the retail space for display and browsing only. Retailers don’t need to: look for and pay for retail space, train and deploy staff, or set up and maintain complex, expensive supply chain infrastructure. They can play to their strength with something that pure online sellers sorely lack: visibility and physical presence!

3D Model2022-01-11-17_56_45-Virtuelle-Shopping-Touren-_-cuuub-by-acameo-YouTube-optm.jpg
360° Panorama2022-01-11-17_57_09-Virtuelle-Shopping-Touren-_-cuuub-by-acameo-YouTube-optm.jpg
"Sales Perfection is a strong sales duo; we are particularly impressed by your motivation to conquer new areas for your partners. We trust the Sales Perfection experts to boost our innovative XR solutions."
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