Sales as a Service

Sales as a Service

We can boost your sales with the following outsourced services:

  • Support for B2B and B2C development and growth
  • Coaching sales teams for price negotiations, complaints handling, etc.
  • Lead generation
  • Acquisition calls
  • Use of our existing network

We can tailor support to select areas of your business, or take over full responsibility for customer conversations.  

Sales as a Service can operate on a temporary basis, for as little as 1-3 months, or act as a longer-term partner. Once you decide what you need, you’ll benefit from our full commitment from day one.

Trade fair support

Trade fairs – real or virtual – continue to be the marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet, for new products and services to be presented and new business connections forged.

In a fast-moving world, human resources need to be deployed efficiently. This might mean you need to outsource a visit, a trade fair tour or even full representation of your business at an exhibition stand.


Our fair services services:

Whether it’s a local or international event, online or in person, Sales Perfection’s professional approach will ensure your business is seen, and seen in a positive light.

Perfect product presentation Live or digital

Tailored product or service presentations for a specific target group are a vital sales tool. Their goal is simple: convince the audience of the benefits and prompt them to buy it. Presenters not only have to know their product inside out (the easy part), they also have to focus on the needs of the target group (often less easy).  It’s getting the second part right that drives significant sales opportunities.

Let Sales Perfection take care of these crucial presentations for you in a professional and effective way, whether in person or online.