CUUUB: Innovative web store system with novel online shopping experience in 3D

With the innovative CUUUB web store system, online store operators can offer their visitors a new type of 3D shopping experience and thus stand out from the gray mass of “standard stores”.

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Online stores or web stores are generally designed in a similar way. There are more or less appealing overview pages and more or less beautifully designed product detail pages. Ideally, the product presentations are enriched with original and multimedia product data, e.g. from loadbee.

The CUUUB system from the Tübingen-based company Acameo takes a different approach here: Web store visitors move around in a virtual world that depicts a real retail store in great detail, similar to Google Street View, and thus have a shopping experience that is closer to the real thing. In addition, scenarios such as collaborative or social shopping, Guided VIP Tours and the like can be mapped.

Such a store can be a replacement or an add-on for an “ordinary” store …

Some preparatory work is necessary, for example a real store has to be scanned in advance, but this is no problem with the trolleys of NavVis and can be done relatively fast.

The video below gives an overview of the functionalities.

It’s best to just take a look … after registering, there is a free demo access on the CUUUB website.